Get ready to convert all your favorite videos to the files and formats you prefer to use with AVS Video Converter. AVS Video Converter is powerful video converter software that simplifies the conversion process without compromising features or flexibility. AVS Video Converter is one of the most versatile converters we reviewed accepting all common formats, and many uncommon formats. It also includes its own built-in DVD burner. As the overall best video converter software, AVS Video Converter earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

AVS Video Converter utilizes a simplistic, yet, functional interface that takes all difficulty and guess work out of the converting process. Simply select your desired format from the displayed toolbar and you are on your way. This software is designed with the novice user in mind. Perhaps one of our favorite features is AVS Video Converter already has specified settings for many popular portable media players like iPod, PSP, Creative and more.

The only thing keeping AVS from receiving a perfect score across the board is the difficulties we had locating the help files and the minor inconsistencies we faced while converting Flash files......+

Input Files:
AVS Video Converter is one of the most versatile video converter programs we evaluated. It was able to handle just about anything we threw at it.  AVS Video Converter’s  comprehensive list of supported input files including WMV (Windows Media Video), AVI, MPEG 1 and 2, MOV (QuickTime), RM (RealMedia), MP4 (iPod and PSP), DVD and more.

We really liked that we could rip and convert files directly from a DVD or minidisc. Unlike most software, AVS suggest using the IFO files instead of the VOB files because they contain more information and make for a better conversion. We did not encounter any problems when converting the IFO files.

We found that AVS Video Converter also supports most popular HD formats including AVCHD, MPEG-2 HD and WMV HD. Few affordable video converters have updated to include high definition support.

The only files we were unable to convert consistently was FLV files downloaded from YouTube. The AVS Video Converter would only convert the video, not audio.

Output Files:

Supported output files include WMV, AVI, MPEG 1 and 2, MOV, SWF and more. This is one of the few products we evaluated that also includes a broad range of media player outputs.

AVS Video Converter not only outputs to iPod, iPhone and Zune, but also lesser known brands like Creative Zen, Archos Xbox360, PSP, iRiver and more. We had no problems converting to several media players with varying format requirements. However, you do need to be a little more versed about bitrates to know which output profile will work for you.

Additionally, AVS Video Converter can convert all your downloaded, uploaded or transferred video to DVD compatible formats using its own built in burner; an overlooked, yet invaluable feature.

You can also customize your outputs' codices, frame size (good for media players), frame rate, bitrate and more.

As mentioned previously, perhaps one of AVS Video Converter’s best features is the built in DVD burner. After you’ve converted your video files to an NTSC (U.S.) or PAL (Europe) compatible format you simply burn your file to a DVD and your video is ready to be played in any standard DVD player.

With AVS Video Converter you can do some minor video editing and enhancement by adding picture effects, additional audio tracks, splitting, joining and more.

Although AVS Video Tools does have the ability to adjust advanced features, like bitrates or sample rates, we had a difficult time finding where to make the adjustments. There is an "edit profiles" button located on the right side of the interface that leads you to an advanced adjustments screen. Although the button is clearly visible we didn't notice or realize right away that it was for adjusting features like bitrates.

Ease of Use:

AVS Video Converter is a small application with an intuitive interface. Simply choose your output from the icons located along the toolbar, select your input file from your hard drive, direct your output to your preferred video folder and convert.

After a file is converted AVS will automatically send your converted video to your “Video” folder located in your “My Documents” file or you can direct your converted video to a specific file of your choice.

Help and Support:
We contacted customer support twice describing our difficulties converting FLV files. Although neither suggestion given to us by the support team worked we had a lengthy correspondence with one representative that tried very hard to make the software work accordingly. In the end, we ended up sending our files to AVS to be analyzed and hopefully the software will be updated in the near future. 

Unfortunately, we had to go hunting for the standard help files. They do not have a help button in the application, but there is a very small prompt in the lower left corner telling you to press F1. It was difficult to find and we didn’t notice the command the first few times we used the product.

With the exception of converting Flash files, the AVS Video Tools is almost perfect. AVS Video Converter is suggested if you are looking to convert your home movies to both portable devices like iPod or to DVD.